Saturday, January 27, 2018

 Taman Muda Morning Market Hawkers' Association , Parti Rakyat Malaysia, MCA and Gerakan today openly condemned the DAP ADUN Teratai for suing the association Chairman Chow Chee Kin over defamation case. 

A few months ago, the chairman of the Taman Muda Hawkers Association Mr Chow had openly criticised ADUN Teratai for failing to secure a site for the construction of a market.  Then DAP ADUN sued him for defamation and requesting a compensation of RM1 million! 

Over the past few months, the hawkers here said they have received threats from about 200 thugs. On the other hand, ADUN Teratai herself bulldozed into a shop apartment without any permit to remove a banner.
Today, all parties regardless of political affiliation, they come together to raise funds for the chairman of the Hawker Association here. PRM Selangor Secretary Jenice Lee urged the  ADUN to immediately withdraw their lawsuit, otherwise no one would dare to criticize DAP MPs or ADUN in future. 

That would bring us back to Mahathir's era where the whole society is full of fear and no freedom of speeches. 

Attendees of today's function including all the committee members of the Hawkers Association, Four Seasons Children's Association,  MCA Pandan Dato Leong Kok Wai, Gerakan Pandan Mr Ben Lew and Selangor PRM Secretary Jenice Lee.

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