Thursday, September 13, 2007

Report from YPSEA study tour in Berlin

Jusos - The Largest Youth Wing of Germany Socialist Party

The internal structure for the Jusos has a very strong and comprehensive base. District- State- National -EU. The students group is one of the important bases for Jusos. Other than Jusos National leadership, Jusos leader also extended their influences in the National Students League, German National Commitettee (church group, other party youth wing will be included), EU Youth Forum and also the Labour Union. The entire youth group receives funds from the government, EU, party, FES and also from their own membership fees.

There are part time and full time staffs in each level of the structure that is to maintain and support each level of the organisation. Some departments such as International Secretary, is a salary based post supported by a group of expert team. The SPD International Department study international cases and provides brief and correct information to party leaders as well as ministers in order to allow them to make the right statement and decision in a short time.