Thursday, November 16, 2017

Social Campaign - My Vote My Choice

My Vote, My Choice!

Malaysian politics have gone through a few stages of development since 1998. From the early reformation movement to the political tsunami on March 8, 2008, to bringing landmark changes in the country's democracy. Malaysians cast their votes to elect their representatives and this eventually accelerated the formation of 2 major coalitions in Malaysia.

While it is hoped that the two main coalition groups can play a check-and-balance role between each other, it was found that the new coalition, Pakatan Harapan or PH (formerly known as Pakatan Rakyat) has not met public expectations. With the adding of Party Bersatu into the coalition it seems that the original coalition's vision is now blurred. On the other hand, the incumbent Barisan National (BN) is going through a very slow reform process which makes it difficult to meet the abrupt changes of our society dominated by the Information Age today.

Many young and energetic Malaysians have been aggressively pushing for reformation but have since cooled down. Some have even started to advocate casting a spoilt vote.

In a democratic country, one person is entitled to one vote to elect the state legislator, and the party with the most seats will form the state government. The governments promote economic and social development through revision of the law and formulating policies so that people can live and work comfortably.

Just as water can cause a ship to float, it can also cause it to sink, if the water gets into the ship. All politicians, elected representatives of government should not take the people's support for granted. Voters are also advised not to vote just according to a party's logo and ignore the quality of the candidates that represent a party. If the people are to call the shots, they must first look at the quality of candidates, and then take other factors into consideration. This is a very effective way to force each party to nominate quality candidates with political vision. If voters blindly support a party without setting any conditions, they are in fact encouraging dictatorship within a political party and promoting nepotism and cronyism. This happens during the selection of candidate as only those who having close relationships with the top leaders will get the chance to stand as candidates.

It is your right to cast any vote - be it a spoilt vote, a vote to BN or PH, for a small party or for an independent candidate. No one should be discriminated or attacked by anyone because of his political preference or choice. We support rational debate, we encourage mature analysis and thinking, and we reject any form of violence to stop the people from promoting their views.

We jointly advocate the 10 conditions as follows:-

1. The delineation of the constituency must be based on the population and the difference between each constituency should not exceed 15% of the population of other constituencies. This is to ensure that the spirit of one person and one vote can be implemented fairly.

  1. We declare and defend the status of Malaysia as a secular country and we reject any form of religious extremism.
  2. To restore local government elections, so that voters can directly supervise the local government.

  1. Abolish draconian laws such as sedition act, printing & publishing printing act and university and college university act.

  1. The media is being called the fourth power in Malaysia's political structure, with a role of overseeing the performance of the government. Hence, the government or politicians cannot sue the media at will according to their personal preferences in order to prevent the media from exercising its check-and-balance role because the people have the right to know.
  2. Malaysia is a diversity and multi-ethnic society. We urge to restore English primary and secondary schools as a choice for parents. Different origin of the school creates various talented students in various fields, so that Malaysian can click on to the the international community.

  1. Government should treated all schools fairly, therefore all Chinese and Tamil primary schools should obtain a fix portion of fund from the government yearly.

  1. Recognized Chinese Unified Exam and allocate funds to chinese independent high school systematically.

  1. Housing is a basic needs for all citizens, politicians must create an act to avoid any rainfall profits from selling & renting houses to avoid housing speculation.
  2. Fully implement Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and ensure everyone can obtain completed and legally bind documents and information.

We encourage all NGOs and citizens to propose their demand collectively and we only vote for those who can adopt and accept the people's demand.

This campaign is led by Civil Awakening Movement of Malaysia (Chairperson Jenice Lee Ying Ha formerly ADUN Teratai).
Supported by Selangor Golden Age Association (Chairperson Leong Kwong Wah), Mahkota Garden JMB (Chairperson Liew Jin Nan), Seksyen 3 KRT, Bandar Mahkota Cheras ( Chairperson Wong Kim Hock, Persatuan Penduduk Seksyen 7 Bandar Mahkota Cheras Vice Chairperson Henky ) & Ampang Kim Eng Welfare Association (Secretary Andrew Chia). Residents spoke person Tan Hon Kuo (Chairperson of Persatuan Penduduk Vista Hill) 012-2239529

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