Monday, May 07, 2018

Manifesto PRM

1. Peace and harmony

Secularism and multi-culturalism are the foundation of our nation. To ensure peace and harmony, fair and equal treatment among all citizens regardless of race, religion, gender and social status.

2. Reduce reliance on foreign workers

To set a 10-year plan to reduce reliance on foreign workers in all sectors. Set up incentives and insurance schemes to encourage young people to participate in blue collar sectors such as construction. Provide the necessary financial assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to modernize its production line by using automated machine.

3. Reinstate local government election involving the participation of local candidates

The local government is the lowest tier of government in Malaysia administration which has the rights to impose tax and execute local laws to the community. The local government election had been suspended since 1963 with the reason of Indonesia confrontation. Now its time to reinstate local government election so that local residents can exercise their power to elect local councilors and mayor. Reinstate local government election involving the participation of local candidates

4. Economic opportunities

To bring economic prosperity and opportunities to the people. To encourage housewives and disable people to participate in the work force by providing flexible working hours or allowing them to work from home.

5. Environment

To seek balanced development in order to preserve the environment and to ensure environmental sustainability; To Educate the public on the 3R Concept - Reduce, Reuse and Reycle, from primary school level;

Encourage green technology with state government incentives

6. Affordable Housing

State participation to provide affordable housing for the needy. Adopt the rent-first-then-buy model to assist the needy to purchase house. Government proposed a sell-back system for low cost house buyers to eliminate speculation activities.

7. Participation in Improving Security and a Better Community
Encourage voluntarism with state government recognition or state-sponsored project such as Rukun Tetangga to safe guard the community.

8. Improve Competitiveness Among Young People

Providing innovative and tailor-made courses suitable for young people who did not complete SPM level to attend technology academy and assist them in building up their own career starting from internship

9. Encouraging Youth Involvement in Agriculture and Agribusiness

Increased involvement of youth in agricultural activities will help reduce the issues of the ageng farm population and increasing youth unemployment. incentives , training and assistant should be given to assist young farmer to get a head start.

By improving physical infrastructure and social amenities in the rural areas and create job opportunities, rural-urban migration able to controlled. This will translate to increased agricultural produce and ultimately reduce the dependency of the rural households on their families in urban center.

10. Formulate Comprehensive Labour Policy To Ensure Private Sectors Employ Permanent Staff Instead Of Contract Staff
Formulate comprehensive labour policy to ensure private sectors employ permanent staff instead of contract staff in order to guarantee local workforce and their family enjoy income and economic stability

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