Monday, May 07, 2018

Give us a chance to become an oppposition & to serve the people

In recent years, the Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH) formed government, either in federal or state level. Both political coaliations are currently too busy with their own interests and
ignoring issues voiced by the people. One side revealed a national scandal involving RM2.6 billion. On another side exposed the the Penang state government scandal of RM6.3 billion undersea tunnel project. Meanwhile, the Selangor state government also involved in a land transaction case worth RM1.18 billion Is this what Malaysians want after giving their whole hearted political mandate to certain political coalition?

If today we have a genuine strong opposition party entering Parliament and the State Legislative Assembly to check and monitor on the government, there will be more eyes watching on behalf of the people to avoid any misuse of government's fund, prevent abuse of power and malpractice.

Since both political camps are taking the people's support for granted, it is better to give
ONE CHANCE to Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM), a party that values your vote and serve you better!


The Ox 2009 said...

PRM Congratulations England , France , Crotia and Belgium in World Cup Happy Semi Final ( 2020 ) in Russia 15 July2018

The Ox 2009 said...

Deep Blue Sea is more Malaysia , so it has shown in August 1999 while Deep Blue Sea 2 is more America , so it is not shown in Msia July 2018 ..... Anyway Malacca Bukit China and Thean Hou Temple will celebrate Chong yang Festival 28th Oct 2018 although it is public holiday in Hong Kong but not in Malaysia .. Merry Xmas

The Ox 2009 said...

Happy CNY 2019 ( Merry Christmas 2018 ) no relations with Guan Eng sure DAP can win in Balakong due to useless Malaysia Star Anjing Newspaper ... not very sure his friends PAS can win in Seri Setia although kaum Cina di malaysia tidak bersatu ..

The Ox 2009 said...

M(Chinese)Balakong not part of DAP wish Burmese Full Moon Day Thadingyut ( 23 - 25 Octocber 2018 ) and .. Christmas Xmas

The Ox 2009 said...

Malaysia Star Newspaper Reggie Lee has 2 wish .. a) One ComesTrue for DAP and MC Angry in 9 May 2018 .... b) One Not Comes True vs PRM(Chinese)A in 28 May 2018 ..

The Ox 2009 said...

When a " islamis " meets a " evengelist " = tindakan pe niaga MCAnjing campak kuih bulan yang menpunyai bahasa Cina ditepi jalan harus dipuji , habis kenapa taklantik toto sport jadi menteri pendidikan ???????

The Ox 2009 said...

Base on True Story for Venom Supporters a) Why some scene f ilm in Malaysia ??? b) Why test subject Rabbit survive ( but not all human ) ??? = Answer = it is actually a Very Very poison food from TESCO ( not what chinese food street ) given free by MCA to 19 person ( including blogger ) in Year 2011 during Easter = Blogger didn' t go to hospital with them = so cannot conf irm other 18 person survive or not = What Buddhists believe Anjing MCA has to paid in GE14 Year 2018 .. The actual meaning from Toto19 is not what " Happy Mid -Autumn " but " Get Poisoned and Die "

The Ox 2009 said...

The Nun (中秋快乐) 7 Oct 2018 ... Terima kasih kepada pengundi Sungai Kandis , Balakong dan Seri Setia yang tidak turun undi kerana MCAnjing Party jalankan kempen " Saya tidak faham Bahasa Cina kecuali Bahasa Melayu .. " manakala DAnjingP jalankan kempen " Saya tidak faham Bahasa English ( Barat ) kecuali Bahasa Melayu " = Hanya Orang SESAT yang akan mengundi di Port Diskson .. ..

The Ox 2009 said...

When ANJING Minister Guan Eng just pr oudly see BumbleBee rejecting a English Song without know what fucking is going on as long as fund raising to DAP Penang .

The Ox 2009 said...

Oblivion and The Nun ( Question : is it true blogger's friend Lim Keng Siong's father using Valak magic ??? ) ... Answer : Which Keng Siong ??? The f irst one in 1994 or The second one in 2004 after 10 years ??? Anyway ... Not The f irst One .....

The Ox 2009 said...

NUN ( irene don' t know who is her father 88 with Only Standard 6Education ) Story

The Ox 2009 said...

Easy English " symbiotes " vs Malaysia MC DAP Transport Minister " ethnocentrism " En glish ( Only Melayu understand ????? )

6 Irene NUNo 88 vs FATher MCAngry Women

The Ox 2009 said...

Bloggers didn't watch Malicious 2018 as predict 1 hour 24 minutes movie is about the f irst 15 minutes GODS of Gamblers Return 1994 has been watch by some Great Eastern Staff .... Down A Dark Hall .... ( only poster Has put but not showing )

MCAngry basically already reach level = can't difference what is women pregnant and lost gambling ( 24 ) ...... sama-sama SESAT dengan PAS kerana halal business

The Ox 2009 said...

Happy Chinese New Year 2019 ( a ) Valak is NOT Vampire ( cannot come out in daylight due to SUN ) but actually she won' t came out from her house even it is election ... ( Zahid : Don' t make issue of BN candidate's absence during Kuala Kangsar ) .... b) DAnjingP sound women pregnant during Christmas should not born their child , agree ??? ... c) Malaysia Maybank NOT happy doing business in Singapore Chinese Government which has ( reject contract to Genting Casino = why MCA Fashion Johor not thumbs up ?? )

The Ox 2009 said...

Happy Chinese New Year 2019 Vs Budget Selangor 2018 before GE14 .... ( a ) Reject Chinese Hospital ... ( b ) Reject Transport eg BUS .. ( c ) Allow Guan Eng 2 botakkan his wife 2 boycott Chinese movie eg Asura

The Ox 2009 said...

Easy English a) What does it mean ip man 2008 one vs ten ??? Answer : Don' t
know ... b) What does it mean ice man2 one vs ten ???? Answer : T wo Cashier
in MBf Finance ( now is Am Bank ) are working for DAP Guan Eng for some purp
oses ...

Lim said...

Malaysia STUPID Xmas Voters has to wait until GE15 after GE14 see Iceman English not better than Longkang English ( sesat islam agree now plastic more dangerous than Lynas ... Teresa Kok ) agree Lynas should spend another waste tax payer money advertisment in MCAangry New Straits Times or Star newspaper that your children GriNch hairstyle are due to Merry Christmas 2018 - 2021 ... not what Lynas

The Ox 2009 said...

M(Chinese)AiA guna Calendar Hong Kong ketawakan MCina(Angry) semakin hari semakin TAK Boleh - buat kerja tengok mana satu lebih senang dibuli ... daripada cabar , dia pulak bodek Guan Eng di 8TV ..

The Ox 2009 said...

a) Yes ( the nun ) irene has a younger step brother ... b) No need layan Anjing Wee Ka Siong gives incentives businessman close shop for a few months for DAP benefits .... because bumble bee actually is a yellow bycycle purchased after working as ice man during school holiday .... c) But why Charlie .. or ( irene .. ) has relations to Volkswagen , explain the next chapter ..

The Ox 2009 said...

PRM Jenice Lee's Supporters launch " Yes but exlcude Yee Sang " regarding
PKR Cina Anjing and Betina Islam ask " Do you like eat non-halal fish and
egg ?? " from Christmas 2018 to Happy Easter and Labour Day 2019 " ......
Tentang Sultan Johor nextstep nak rosakkan Istana Kesultanan Melayu , dia
boleh cuba tapi jangan kaitkan dengan I CE DR ( Doctor ) sebab tak pernah
minum air sejuk ??????

The Ox 2009 said...

ICERD lebih kurang sama dengan LYNAS iaitu ada pihak membantah dengan
memberi alasan " Not safe " tetapi macam mana " Not safe " ... mereka
sendiri pun tidak tahu .......... manakala ada pihak menyokong dengan
mengatakan " it is Safe " tapi macam mana " it is Safe. " mereka juga
tidak beritahu ......................................................

Dalam keadaan ini , kita cuma boleh mengatakan pihak yang men gatakan
" it is Safe " ialah pihak yang terbodoh di Malaysia kerana mereka di
tumbangkan oleh pihak yang mengatakan " it is not safe .. " yang meru
pakan pihak yang pandai kerana setelah menang , mereka tahu babi babi
Melayu yang dikalahkan adalah golongan yang mudah dibodek .... dengan
memberi jawapan " Lynas it is very Safe because welove islam morethan
Christian " .........................................................

Nak katakan ICERD tidak kurang sama dengan ECRL .......... yaya ICERD
dan LYNAS masing-masing ialah 5 perkataan ....................... PAS
membantah Lynas kerana Hudud ... UMNO membantah ICERD kerana Hudud ..

Pandangan dari ICEDR ( Doctor Non-Halal ) 2018 ( bukan ahli Gerakan )

The Ox 2009 said...

Blogger don' t know the actual name of that black snake .. which is the faster and fantastic snake blogger has seen YTDate .. i called Happy Captain Marvel Snake 2015

The Ox 2009 said...

Hello Voters ... Chibai Wee Ka Siong fund raising ( Bryan Lai ) in Teratai as DAP
Candidates for 2 purposes a) He and his wife has 80% look likes Chan Optometrist's
director and his wife which blogger meet in 14/8(August)/2015 and CNY 2008
( Difference 7 Years ) .. b) Want .. to play some bible versu Job 3:14 - chibai
Chua Soi Lek in Labis don' t know he lost again for some agenda ... Anyway ..
kedai kopi talk ... who will support DAPuchong which send Malay thief break
( into a indian which work as prostitutes ) house in Segambut on Nov 30/11/2018
steal 2 saving passbook and left 3 messages .. a) a 171 islamic card ..... b)
Please don' t celebrate .. Deepavali 2019 .. c) Don' t drink some thing that
belong to Malay eg Orange . So Selamat Raya 25 Dec 2018 ...

The Ox 2009 said...

Cawangan MCAnjing ke 11 ada jual
carrot pada Tahun Baru Cina 2011

G uan E ng cadang india disubang jaya makan lobak (halal)

The Ox 2009 said...

Mariam man vs Guan Eng's Son 01 Secrets : Malicious 2018 - 11 years = 2007 where Guan Eng pregnant wife vs Loki ( Song Rogers ) assistant pregnant women = Hannah Yeoh Crony said Wee Ka Siong is useless chibai Chinese name ... Xavier Jayakumar is a chibai indian name ... then why Azmin Ali is not a chibai Malay name ????? Luckyly Rabbit , Alpaca and Dog are GOOD Animal names under Jesus and Buddhist .. ( ICERD ) Happy Easter 2019

The Ox 2009 said...

Najib memuji kebolehan DAP ( McDonald dan Starbuck ) Malaysia mengucap Tahun Baru Hina 2016 MCAnjing ( 15 Dec 2018 )

Lim said...

Label : Malaysia ( 0 ) vs V ietnam ( 1 ) in Suzuki Cup 15 Dec 2018 ,
Mortal Engines Gallery Dec2018A , Mortal Engines Gallery Dec2018B,
Mortal Engines Gallery Dec2018F ,

Total YTD Articles = 16

Click << Mortal Engines Gallery Dec2018A >>

Click << DAP ur Anjing can go Forest City >>
will go to articles 1 to 5

Then Click << PAS contest 130MPLGE4 >> will go to
articles 5 to 9

The Ox 2009 said...

Tahniah Vietnam menang Suzuki Cup 28-10-2018

Bagi Ah T iong ( Malaysia Fat .. Dragon ) yang tidak mempunyai
banyak pena(sihat) seperti Guan Eng ( yang hanya perlu undi
Anjing C ina tidak beragama ) perlu ke Vietnam jumpa Doctor
beragama Buddha ( vs AhHuat sabotaj Wesak 5 - 6May 2012 )

go what relations

The Ox 2009 said...

Dijangka Pengundi Melayu akan memilih PH ( DAP ) di Cameron
Highlands kerana tidak memecat Chibai Langchiau Teo Kok Seong
yang mempertikaikan Babi India mengundi di sekolah kerana
Hannah Yeoh ialah .. Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan Melayu ( ..
Tahun Baru China telah menjejaskan perpaduan kaum selama 61
tahun ) = ( tidak pasti MACC tidak berguna , Mahathir tidak
berguna atau 42 Ekor Anjing DAP tidak berguna ??? ) vs BN
MiCAnjing ( Wee Ka Siong ) setuju outdated Cina kan masih ada
Mr. Vampire 1985 HongKong comedy horror video tape

The Ox 2009 said...

Malaysia Finance Minister Guan Eng said Anjing Wee Ka Siong
not celebrating CNY 2016 - Hong Kong Boxing Day 2018 = Yes
M(chinese)A Team W and PRM celebrate Chinese New Year 2016
on 25 Dec 2018 .. Aura PAS Hadi Awang cabar Betina Islam Wan
Azizah , MCAnjing HengGopeng yan hanya tahu jual kuih halal
dan 4 DAP yan mempunyai masalah siapa suaminya ?? = jangan
bawa spring ke Malaysia ... kerana China government are not
.... evangelistas

Malaysia Dap four female evangelistas which become Minister
suddenly challenge China government = that Muslim can marry
four wife ............... China government are NOT MCAnjing
each person need to marry four wifes in order to have large
populations because China government are not evangelistas ,
which now DAP 4 ministers don't know who is their husband .

Lim said...

YTDView 711 - DAPiGuanEng ( yg sedang make love dengan Anjing Wee
Ka Siong kerana Kok Seong tidak boleh dipecat walaupun bukan1
lawan DAP 42 Anjing ) harus cermin kan diri di Bursa KL se belum
men cabar Taiwan dan memalukan sendiri di belakang Mahathir ..

The Ox 2009 said...

Kung Fu Monsters bukan KFC yang ada kaitan dengan Pengundi
Cina Semenyih Selangor sedang memilih sebuah tarikh baru
untuk gali kubur Kerk Kim Hock dan campak balik ke Selat
Melaka apabila penyokong Kerk Chee Yee mencabar ... ....
... " Kenapa kamu menyanyi lagu English and menyambut
perayaan Ching Ming ?? "

The Ox 2009 said...

When Msia Arrogant Transport Minister make some joke with Singapore = Which country will build A Unique 80 Meter Pink Buddhist Temple With a 17 Story Green Dragon Wrapped Around the Exterior and complete it before Jurassic World 2021 ...

The Ox 2009 said...

The Kid who would be King is about 5
( Form 3 ) Students will they scores
more than 80 marks in Geography subject ????

4 of them manage to do it . One that fail to
do it didn't go to Form 4 . MCA Wanita and W
ee Ka Siong spend more than RM 500,000.00 to
ensure he become gangstars ( dark side ) for

W hat purposes , will explain in next Sarawak
elections ( and has what to do with DAP ?? )

Regarding The Kid Who Would Be King .... syed
saddiq suggest is him ..... don' t worry DAP as
Happy as Demon ( . PKR as Happy as Malaysia Bumiputra )
will not protest it

The Ox 2009 said...

.... Regarding chibai Gobind crony which said Sim Tong Him is not former MP Kota Melaka but some useless Monk in Mortal Engine .... not so bad ... afterall manage save the world ( except Sesat DAP in Malaysia ) ... he also advices all MCAnjing noneed celebrate what CNY 2019 ( PIG ) or 2011 ( Rabbit ) but 2007 ( A James Bond Anjing Man with some Katak ??? ... in other country quite surprises frog is better than Anjing Wee Ka Siong ) ... Anyway PRM wish Happy Easter 10 Jan - 21 April 2019 ... no relations Lee Chong Wei movie is pantat badminton movie .. hanya orang Melayu UMNO yang " TAK ada otak " watch this kind of pantat movie .... can' t explain why he run away when he saw his friends ( not qualified for Japan Olympic 2020 iceman and thunderman )

The Ox 2009 said...

Orang yang membantah GST akan cakap ..... " should we send our children to chinese schools ??? " sebab Tony Pua akan beri angpow 50 cents kepada Anjing Wee Ka Siong jika saham Kojadi tidak naik ... vs Orang yang sokong + bantah SST akan cakap ... " should we send our chinese children to schools ??? " sebab orang Melayu berpendapat Stars Wars lebih baik daripada Melaka Encore ( ahli MCAnjing )

The Ox 2009 said...

Auckland in Zealand Bentong in Romania = Tan Cheng Hoe is F( uck
ing)ootbalTrainer need RM1 billion not 30 cents newspaper so don'
t compare W ith Laksamana Cheng Ho from China

The Ox 2009 said...

Difference between Dead Trigger ( Jun28, 2017 )
show in Msia Jan 2019 iss MCAyam ( Hospital Closed
Lef t some pantat church .there is no what glass
arcelormittal orbit ) Anjing Anjing Bentong no need
pura-pura comes to Melaka Thian Hou Temple 2017
nd Happy Dragon ( Miss HongKong N47 )

The Ox 2009 said...

Seekor Ayam Namanya Pantat Wee KA Sio ng beri Business
Incentive kepada Peniaga Perak bakar sebuah t ong sampah
numbor 039 dan Kemudian buang di tempatinggal Captain
America di Melaka sebagai hadiah Tahun Baru Hina 2015 ....
2018 Mana satu pantat UMNO begitu yakin Lim Guan Eng akan
beri satu undi untuk Lim Swee Bok ?

Bila menang pilihanraya
nak tengok UMNO ke arah
pandai atau bodoh ?????

BN menang boleh katakan
rakyat Rantau tolak PH.
nak katakan rakyat Cina
akan sokong MCAyam ....
sungguh melucukan .bila
tidak duduk semeja deng
an ADUN BNNS sebaliknya
dengan MP Air Hitam ...

BN lupa macam mana Moha
mad menang tanpatanding
tetapi gagal pertahankn
BN Negeri Sembilan ....
Bila anda me nang tanpa
bertanding di Rantau ..
anda sememang mmepunyai
kelebihan berkempen utk
UMNO lain sebaliknya me
reka kalah TERUK ......

Mi:2 is to save a girl nickname irene
with some reason ... not because some
pantat women has a name irene .. then
we has take some mission to save her?

The Ox 2009 said...

Calon BEBAS india Rantau gagal
dapat stesen ECRL ............

tidak perlu menyambut pantat =
Deepavali 2019 demi Bumiputera

Mengikut Mah Hang Soon jadi jebat
lebihbaik dari jadi Doctor kerana
PH ada Wang walaupun Parti MCAyam
BN tak ada Tuah .................

The Ox 2009 said...

Captain Marvel 1995 : When The Most We ak
Staf f ( Captain America ) not in AiA but
in Great Eastern Malaysia has a) iron man
technology ... b) will Malar Rajaram able
to cover up Ayam Wee Ka Siong dirty Secret?
vs Semangat 46 Manager in Great Eastern

00001 First Secrets

The Ox 2009 said...

The ONLY ONE Staff in Agency Department ( Matrix 1999
has a message to Captain America ) will confirm salary
not credited to agents and prepare some " H " vouchers
to accounts department so that a cheque ( better words
is Commision ) will issued to them ....... Question is
: If Agency Department manage issued 222 vouchers H at
the end of day .... why Captain America will takes a l
east 3 week 2 fully issue all the cheque ( no consider
secret iron man technology designed after 1 years work
ing which no approved by Great Eastern = consider as
Black Market Technology ..... then Captain America only
manage takes about 4 to 5 days ) to issue all the agent
commision salary ?????

The Ox 2009 said...

PRM(Chinese)A Manifesto GE15 Taiping
= Gets 25,000 votes without working with PAS
= Dinners For Chinese Only ( order ayam from
pemborong Melayu ) will changed to Dinners
For Chinese Only ( we only order ayam from
pemborong China ) ......... in other words
if islamic has anjing problem , no need to
ask why Chicken not halal in China Dinners

The Ox 2009 said...

CAyam is to Weak can' TLKremember who is Pa riah
whe n.not supportCERD , DAP is to Strong = they
no need know WhyMCAis rubbish

The Ox 2009 said...

Why MCAyam fund raising ( Bersih ?? ) Maria to kick
T ian Chua ( Shock Sendiri ) and Gan Pei Nei out
from PKR in GE14 is ( part of secrets in S , L and P Storm )

Kosmo Rabu 24 April 2019 Mukasurat 28 Infiniti = Taufan Maria
akibatkan Puerto Rico dilimpahi hujan .. Waytha Moorthy : Nation
more united under my watch as minister ... Laughing stock
statement for PH in Cameron Highland and Rantau ..

Before Shazams mean Bloggers has been defeated by some Malay Bus
Driver ( at the same time , Before Shazams manage to prevent Bus
Back from KL to Malacca with 98% Passenger Late Almost 37
minutes ) before some 1992 ( just complete Form Six Studies ) ..
Bergegar Otaknya . ditumbuk tiga kali di kepala , " ng suee lim dakwanya sambil
memberitahu doktor membenarkannya keluar wad .. untuk jumpa Wee Ka Siong

The Ox 2009 said...

Anyway M(Chinese)A not working with DAP or MCA as seens this 2
party not much difference . The only Difference is :

Before GE14 MCA which hold Ministers Post will
said " DAP is working with PAS Anjing .. "
After GE14 DAP which hold Ministers Post will
said " MCA is working with PAS Anjing .. "

The Ox 2009 said...

actually is a good theory that posibility iron man
will marry Captain Marvel is 0.00000000000001% .

Anyway Captain America maintain the statement
Captain Marvel is ironman's wife and will explain it
why after 11 May 2019 .. Partly of Secrets : Alita
is Class R of Relatives ( The Owner of Valak House )
** R means not very important relatives .... 6 Years
Ago ... Iron Man try to Kill The Owner of Valak House
( that is Alita Relatives ) .... but not success .....
So how iron man manage to enter Valak House ( and
create Captain America ( Blogger ) and Captain Marvel )
.. Next Story ( Valak is Female while The Owner of Valak
House is Male ) ..

The Ox 2009 said...

in order to retrieve the Soul Stone cara Lim Guan Eng , one must
sacrifice the soul of someone they love . PAS Hadi Awang is Gay?

what iron man has teach captain america in order to retrieve the
Soul Stone , without sacrifice the soul of someone they love ???

Form 1 to Form 5 Bumble Bee
don't have school books for
Kimia , Biology dan Fizik =
Kerana Wang telah digunakan
untk membeli HongKong Comic

In order 2 retrieve someone
what Captain America likes,
he sacrifice what he do n't
loves ..... anyway SPM pass
all 9 subjects while get 2A
in Mathematics and Accounts

The Ox 2009 said...

World Statement = Why no said it is Pacific Rim 2 but Pacific ..
Rim Uprising ???????

Pacific Rim 001 = July 11, 2013 = ex-pilot ( Charlie Hunnam ) ,
an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi) and an old, obsolete Jaeger.

Pacific Rim Uprising = March 15 , 2018 = Jake Pentecost is a on
ce-promising Jaeger pilot wh ose legendary father gave his life
to secure humanity's victory against the monstrous Kaiju .......


But Avengers ......................... Captain America Statement

Pacific Rim 002 = ex-pilot ( Charlie Hunnam ) , an untested trai
nee (Rinko Kikuchi) and an old , obsolete Jaeger ...............

Pacific Rim 001 = ....................... Jake Pentecost is a on
ce-promising Jaeger pilot wh ose legendary father gave his li fe
to secure humanity's victory against the monstrous Kaiju .......

Who strong enough2run PacificRim ( X ) Single ( ? ) DoublePilot?

Lee Chong Wei fail to win in ( 8 to 24 August 2008 in Beijing ) ,
( 27 July to 12 August 2012 in London ) , ( 5 to 21 August 2016 in
Rio de Janeiro ) because he is NOT Captain America which know what's
difference between Pacific Rim 1 and 2 .... Lee Chong Wei is just
ANJING BENTONG which don't know why he won't pick as double player in
Badminton ....

The Ox 2009 said...

PeterPArker isNOT BloggerChristianName ( But
a nickname given by MBf Staff in Job 5 = if
Shit from ironman's Happy Buddhist Language
?? = Just Need 5Seconds ) Cabar Teo Nie Chi
ng = have You heard Bandar M alaysia in Fuc
king KualaLu(m?)purNegara in mind your LAng
uage in NASA Martian?

MCAyam said Najib not support
WongNai Chee 2contest in Kota
Melaka as early as 14 Mac2017
because Chibai Kaum Cina will
celebrate Happy Wesak 2017 ..

MCAyam said Najib willsupport
WongNai Chee 2contest in Alor
Gajah as early as 14 Mac 2018
because Chibai Kaum Cina nott
yet elebrate Happy Wesak 2018

A Chibai Masjid Cina in Klebang for
what purposes ? There is difference
bumiputra and non bumiputra islam ?

So MCAyam not ables maintain 3 ADUN
in Melaka ........ small matter lah

you think UMNO needs to maintain BN
in Melaka with pantat MCAyam ??????

Before GE14 , Najib will ask fucking
MCAyam Consultant " Orang B aik atau
Orang Jahat akan menang ???? " Sudah

tentu Thanos lebih baik kerana tiada
orang akan sangka BN Baik ?? Tumbang

After MUslim Cina vs Wesak 2016 arti
Cles , it is times to see chibai dan
Langchiau wartawanDay 29 May 2018 to
vs Buddha Happy Wesak 29 May 2018 ..
( Chibai Bentong punya advice ???? )

MDonald ditutup pada Tahun Baru Cina
2016 .. kerana majority pelanggannya
adalah kaum Cina ........ you Chibai
MCAyam tak tumbang pada PRU14 ??????

The Ox 2009 said...

Regarding TNBill Send 2 Captain America = April
2019 Balance B / f RM 11.81 - 13.74 ( A Fucking
Pakatan Harapan Budget = no Free Under RM 20 ??
= RM 1.94 YeO Bee yin is ( X ) Bad ( ??? ) Good
Nebula = arroW g ant 1 ( Not Man ) Minister won
' t knowhy MCAyam RHB islamic Finance .Thanos ?

Why MCAyam RHB Islamic Bank Finance
Thanos ???? Will explain it depends
on situation ......... may be after
Wesak , Deepavali or Christmas 2019

Any way , they are NOT what BOSS in
iroman technology or captain marvel

The Ox 2009 said...

Bila Tan Seng Giaw ( China ) dan
Tan Kok Wai ( Bukan Melayu ) tid
ak pakai baju istiadat UMNO - BN

Persidangan Parti 5.5.2019 Guan Eng beri
panduan kepada UMNO - buat apa sokong Av
engers Endgame ...... kan kita sama-sama
mencapai impian islam , DAPtumbangkan BN
dan MCAyam tumbangkan Tan Seng Giaw ????

The Ox 2009 said...

Why MCAyam is Pantat Party ???????????
Poor Mathematcis = 15 - 5 = 10 - 0 = 1
2vs Joy 2Bodek PKR Azizah for Business

09 May 2017 Wong NaiChee
in Kota Melaka Wesak Eve

10 May 2017 Fucking M CA
in newspaperis vs people
celebrate Happy Wesak 17

Skip a Tong Sampah 039 burn
and drop in Captain America
house in Chinese NYear 2015

A Fucking MCA PengkalanKota
not learn any GE14 Lesson =
hello , your Penang exports
more products to Japan 2019

Wong Nai Chee is playing 2 Face
as BN c andicates in Alor Gajah
as his crony is support ing DAP
Kota Melaka n Bandar Hilir GE14

The Ox 2009 said...

Wajarkah The Pines Hotel menyambut Hari Krismas ???

Chibai Guan Eng , pergi bunuhlah Chong Sin Woon dan
dilahirkan pada 24 and 25th December ...... Perdana
Menteri New Zealand nak sokong lagi ??? pergi tukar
jantina kamu dari perempuan kepada lelakilah ......

Wajarkah Sekolah Cina belajar Bahasa English ??????

Pergi ke China cabar Bei jing Chinese " do you dare
say FUCK to Malaysia ChibaiMinister Lim Guan Eng ?"

ii Guan Eng can be Penang Chief minister not due to
Melaka Voters ..... Hello Chibai Anjing ...... this
is English lah ... your Chibai 8 ADUN DAP in Melaka
due to Penang Voters ?? may be is true for DAP Batu

The Ox 2009 said...

Do Kit Siang regrets gives (Eng)lish Name
to Melayu musLim Guan ( Not Chinese ) ?

The Ox 2009 said...

islamic Zombie said PM NZealand should change from ( female
to male ) for hearing ( X ) 3 ( ?? ) 3000 English SONG ....

SPM So Simple Exam Question : is it Karpal gives his power
to Shazam ??? MCAyam cannot answer .. Laughing Stock Party

The Ox 2009 said...

TV in Valak House pro MCA or DAP ??
Asal bukan PRM dn M(Chinese)A ..... 12 May 2019 Happy Buddha Day

The Ox 2009 said...

Lorraine's Daughter Experience
in Hong Kong ( AMemory how her
mother defeat Valak ) Bank2019

The Ox 2009 said...

Followup A 01 to 05 .. a) Distance between Bumble Bee
High SchooLFront Door and Next Jesus High School
Girl is about 529 m .. b) Back Door of Two School
are separated by Wall . One day in 2008 after GE12
Bumble Bee ( or Captain America ) back to schoole
for One Good Friday ( Persidangan / some conference )
and he meets a school girl in Back Door . The Girls
said " i am Morgan , what is your name ? " . Blogger
don' t have any Christian Name decided 2 use " Tony "
2 remember iron man has passed away . A Happy Friendly
Buddhist Story 4 for Stark

The Ox 2009 said...

When Lee Ying Ha said " My Happy Name is Jenice ,
what's yours, Captain America ? " < buddhahappy9. < Regard ing blogger NoTVoteGE12 :
8 March 2008 China Japan ( Shazam7 ) :Seekor
Tanjung Lim Swee Bok boleh pergi keHajiMCayam

The Ox 2009 said...

Feb 19 2019 DrBoo Label as Kurang Ajar by PKR

Apr 15 2018 DAP drops Seng Giaw 7T Kepong MPs
while Pakatan Harapan bye bye PAS

Mar 19 2018 Bukit Bendera Johari Divorced 2YC

Feb 12 2017 Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him qquit
party including Lim Jack Wong not
from UMNO and Goh Leong San ( Duy
ong ) GE13 - Captain America give
him a votes when he is i n Bandar
Hilir GE11 before Kesidang G E 12
Chin Choong Seong also quit .....

May 15 2016 Sack 2nd TelukDatuk Loh Chee Heng

Apr 12 2016 Boikot Barangan Cina DAP Ramasamy

Jun 23 2014 Bukit Assek Wong Ho L Eng Cancers

Apr 17 2014 Bukit Gelugor Karpal Has New Cars

Apr 20 2013 Karpal Sack Jenice Lee in Teratai

May 15 2012 Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz quit DAP

FFFF boleh jadi MP Kota Melaka sebab
selepas turun padang pada W esak Eve
2018 = Wesak is Rasuah pada Sinar Ha
rian ??????? pada 29 May 2018
lebih baik daripada MCAyam Wo
ng Nai Chee yang turun padang
pada Wesak Eve 2017 cabutlari
dan gagal menang Alor Gajah .

Sorry Shazam Hong Kong Buddha Day 12 May 2019 First Gadis
yang penting baginya sudah tentu bukan DAP Teresa Kok ...

Sebab Bumble Bee Love Jesus Hina Christian ???

The Ox 2009 said...

Ayam Wee Ka Siong has directed MCAyam Developer
Lion Group 2 destroy section of some roads and
create about 1200 Emp(at) Segi Lubang .......
what relations to Captain America Mi:1 ? Hong
Kong Buddha Day 12 May 2018 .. How Bumble Bee
win the titLe " Lion King " when he not manage
to reach as f irst in12kmMarathon byLionGroup???

The Ox 2009 said...

Ada orang akan cakap " Nak lawan
UMNO, kena fikir sebanyak 2kali"

Dalam isu ini , M(Chinese)A akan
berfikir sebanyak 7kali ...... "

Ada orang akan cakap " Nak lawan
UMNO + MCA kena fikir 4 kali.. "

Dalam isu ini, M(Chinese)A tidak
nampak apa yang perlu difikir ??

M(Chinese)A X-Men Team akan beri
sebabnya pada masa yg akandatang
kenapa tidak berkerjasama dgn BN

M(Chinese)A Jus tice League akan
beri sebabnya seterusnya k enapa
BN kalah teruk pada PRU 14 .....

M(Chinese)Avengersakan merancang
langkah dalam PRU 15 .... dengan
mengambil kira pandangan X-Men d
JusticeLeague kenapa tidak kerja
sama dengan BN dan PH dan PAS ..

MCAyam tengah promosi jika New York ada Universiti Malaya

Orang bodoh tahu Zunar ialah Penyokong PH
Orang Yang Lebih Bodoh juga tahu Ra cis t
UMNO menyokong DAPdan Zunar pada May 2019

The Ox 2009 said...

Hong Kong is Holiday because Buddhist V egetarian
understand AAA DOG eatS Meat .. Malay sia L not in
Holiday because islam in Semenyih can win by using
bicycle in F1 StuPIG Sepang .... When Ant i Lynas
don't want Hulk .. A MBF Staff ( now Am Bank )
called eeBee which give Blogger nick2002 FURY name
" Peter Parker " meet Captain America WitchWorking
as part i m e NON Halal Mee Soup Restaurant : AVery
Happy Amazing 2014 Spideman Story with Horse ( The
Soaring Pegasus ( Greek mythology ) and Valkyrie 2008
( Not watch this movie 4 some agenda doesn' t mean
will not give support TO Tom Cruise in Mi:5 and 6 ) 78

The Ox 2009 said...


V ivi an 16,012 vs Mines Abdullah 788 = Majority 15,224 by Hellboy ( Turnout 54.44% )

The Ox 2009 said...

The Relevan t Thanos kill her
Daughter to get infinity soul

= MCAyam Wee Ka Siong gives a
B N B usiness incentive to a
Restaurant in Malacca .. not
welcomes his daughter from m
Perak holiday in Malacca ...

Ayam Wee Ka Siong now is RED
School Teacher will give RED
report cards to not students
DAP 20 to 22 marks .... when
there is GE15 in 2022 ??????
quite surprises is most M CA
dont have any report cards .

Thanos want all 6 stones ........ MCAyam will say if all 6 stones is Chinese ,
Then Bersatu want all 5 stones .. MCAyam will say if all 5 stones is Chinese ,
Then Am anah want all 4 stones .. MCAyam will say if all 4 stones is Chinese ,
Then PKRrara want all 3 stones .. MCAyam will say if all 3 stones is Chinese ,
Then DAP LGE want all 2 stones .. MCAyam will say if all 2 stones is Chinese ,
Then PAS LKS want all 1 stones .. MCAyam will say if all 1 stones is Chinese ,
Don't use stones , may be peanut .. if Thanos want all 6 peanuts ??

Avengers Infinity War : Ayam Wee Ka
Siong blame X-Men too Chinese ?????

UMNO no need 77 MP , after all DAP is Rara Melayu

The Ox 2009 said...

MP Ayer Hot am tidak pergi ke Ying Peng
tetapi (H)ospital (K)uala Lumpur ??????

( Penang CM is Peter Tempat Letak Kereta 2019 )

The Ox 2009 said...

Will ( MCAyam support Najib as PM 6 and Anwar as PM 7 )
PreventCaptainAmerica L i f t Thor's Hammer in Avengers
PikaChU? ...........

The Ox 2009 said...

Regarding SESATMines he has what right to confirm he has
fund raising 2 candidates ( PH and india ependent ) in S
andakan 16/5/2019 and Port Dickson 26/12/2018 ( afterall
FUCKING businessman No Sons Will Love Next PM which also
have no what Sons ) .....

The Ox 2009 said...

MIC Tapah said Buddhist
is 20 cents Religion ??
Never mind , afterall =
islamic is 18 cents rel
igion = that's why UMNO
down bodek by MCayam ..

Inside The Hotel , UMNO
said no to Hari Raya 18
May 2019 ... Lepas buka
puasa esok boleh ba lik
ke Tapah , sebab Cina &
India sambut Hari Wesak

2019 We also will not wish any Selangor , Pahang
Perak Hari Raya due to what very arrog1ant Quran

Anyway Selamat Hari Raya To
Singapore and Melaka Melayu

The Ox 2009 said...

At Age 26 , Sister ( ?? ) Irene ( X ) Alita
Not going 2Taiwan , She is ( X ) Still Single
but receive her ( ?? ) degree certicate , working
in ( ? ) October Fest .. ( X ) Hair Salon what
relations 2ValakHouse not in Sandakan ( P 186 )
.... and she becoming Captain Marvel

Avengers Reason Not Watch Back To The Future 2
( 1989 ) and 3 ( May 25 1990 ) :

The Ox 2009 said...

Yokohama and Happy Wesak Eve Avengers Not
Back To Future 1819 And Marry Malaram

The Ox 2009 said...

Captain America manage Eat A Mee Soup Called ( Captain
Marvel Saves .iron Man ) .. Bezanya Jawapan Bodoh PH
yang diberi oleh DayamPUR 2019 kenapatidakmakan KFC
ialah kerana ia berwarna Kuning ( ... tiada budget )
dan MCAyam 2018 kenapa tidakmakan McDonald sebab ia
berwarna Merah ( tidak bersih ) .. Jenice Lee Ha Ha

Our Pym Mathematics is after
98 is 99 based on Christians
= notsame islamic in Bentong
after 89 is 88 but ends up 1

Perkataan Wesak sesuai digunakan ? Tanya MCAyam
Perkataan Melaka juga tidak sesuai digunakan ..

The Ox 2009 said...

How Buddha Gives Hopes to 32 Avengers from Wesak Eve
2015to JOhn18May 2019

No idea Chong Sin Woon ( Anjing Anjing ) using what 3
Aladdin 3 Wishes and Fail 2Win in Seremban