Thursday, January 26, 2017

CNY Shooting- behind the scene

 Bryan is playing the Chinese New Year song.
Jenice is watering the earth.
Hideaki is wiping out all the unhappy cases in the past with the fire extinguisher.
Suzanne is presenting you a Chinese New Year greeting.

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year.

Put on gorgeous make up, give your hair a new look, update your fashion, and let's celebrate the new year!
Jenice Lee

Special thanks to my: 1) Official celebrity fashion designer: (+6-0196623366) 2)Official celebrity hair guru: Bryan Yoong (03-61501910) 3) Official Artistry make up artist: Suzanne.T (016-3589666)
I also wish to extend my appreciation for all the residents who had supported me until today. This is not an easy job for them as there are politicians who have been constantly pressuring residents not to help or support me.
I also wish to say a big Thank You to all my 'Pokok' team members who are giving me all the support and encouragement.
No matter which party you are affiliated to or who you want to support, I am sincerely wishing that you stay healthy always and have a Happy Chinese New Year!

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